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Investment Management

Fundamentals Matter

Our investment philosophy is based on time tested science and discipline, not Wall Street forecasters or gurus. We focus on things that we can control, like the amount of risk you are taking, investment costs, and tax efficiency. Our most important benchmark is your specific goals and expectations.

Customized Solutions

Every client has their own unique set of concerns, goals, resources, and risk tolerance. We build individual portfolios based on your needs and circumstances.

Understanding The Investment Process

We believe the investment process is built on collaboration and education. We spend the necessary time to explain and educate our clients, their loved ones, and any other professionals that they rely on.


In the world of ever-changing markets, we believe that ongoing portfolio monitoring and reviews are almost as important as the investment choices themselves. We get together with our clients at scheduled intervals, or as needed, to review their allocation, holdings, performance, and their needs.

Does My Portfolio Fit Me?