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Tempus Growth Portfolio - Company Highlight Thumbnail

Tempus Growth Portfolio - Company Highlight


Since going public in 1997, Amazon.com (one of the companies in our Tempus Growth Portfolio) has become a retail behemoth that most of us use on a regular basis.  Last night, Amazon reported their earnings and exceeded expectations.  Right now the company seems to be hitting on all cylinders. Even if you have never bought anything from their website, there is a good chance that you are still interacting with them through their cloud based technology; Amazon Web Services (AWS).  AWS provides cloud based services for thousands of companies such as, Capitol One, Expedia, Kelloggs, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Adobe, GE, Comcast, Intuiit, Spotify, McDonalds, Netflix, Snap, and Zillow to name a few.

Amazon Prime

I’m sure most of you are aware of Amazon’s membership service called Amazon Prime.  Amazon just reported that Prime now has over 100 million members!  For most people, the greatest benefit to Prime was always 2 day free shipping.  Last night, on their earnings call with analysts, Amazon turned up the heat on their competitors by announcing that Prime members will now get 1 day free shipping.  Imagine the logistics of that!  The Prime membership offers a lot more than free shipping. You can click here to take you to the Amazon Prime page to see all of the benefits.  Additionally, this morning, Marketwatch posted an article that points out 5 benefits to Prime that you probably didn't know about.  Click here to go to the article.

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